Free Consultation

WTL secures funds for StartUps, Franchises, and BizOps.

WTL provides business consultation for the purpose of acquiring financing for the client's desire. Services presented on a contingency basis allow the client to explore all options without finncial risk. No Funding No Fee!


It is important to understand the various types of loan programs available in order to consider all your options.

We specialize in finding the right funding source; the first time. Multiple inquiries can harm your chances of success and lead to denial.


We have the ability to create a portfolio of loans to meet your capital needs.

WTL conducts careful research and a thorough analysis of your funding needs PRIOR to any submissions.



The client’s desire is explored by the experience and expertise of the consultant (WTL) in regards to a wide variety of financing options that may be available for the applicant.

Through WTL relationships with financial lenders, other experts in financial matters, along with hands on experience with internet related financial opportunities, traditional, VC and private lenders will be presented.




WTL Holdings is a network of independant, self-employed financial consultants offering a wide range of financial loan and leasing services.

A financial consultant is just like a mortgage broker, an intermediary agent between a borrower and a lender.

If they can't make a deal with their local bank, they don't know where to go, so they contact a loan broker who can introduce the borrower to many other qualified lenders who are more flexible than banks and offer competitive rates.


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WTL Business Finance has faciliated the financing for hundreds of franchises and business opportunities throughout the continental United States.

We have successfully funded one or more units/locations of the following franchises and business opportunities.

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What do lenders look for?

  • Credit Worthiness
    Generally dictated by credit score. Analysis of credit history, experience, and credit availability. We design letters of explanation and provide credit updates.
  • Personal Resume
    Your expereince plays an important part in determining whether you have the ability to operate a business; direct industry experience prefered but not required.
  • Cash Infusion
    What percentage of financing can you contribute? Generally 20% is suggested, however, we can provide 100% for those who qualify.
  • Collateral
    In todays credit market, with any startup venture, most programs require collateral coverage of the loan amount. We can get reduced collateral requests with creative loan design and support.
  • Franchise Rating
    Expereinced and successful franchises allow leniency in all variables above; 0% failure rate.




WTL catches the attention of, "Barking Dog Fitness" and "Sweet Pea Ice Cream" at The Franchise and Business Opportunity Expo in Ft Lauderdale Florida.



WTL on target to have serviced 5,000 franchises by Jan 2014.



WTL signs partnership with West Coast Commercial Real Estate Lender. CEO says, "This will expand our capacity Nationwide."


After completing all of the necessary paperwork to begin my venture, my bank DENIED me; WTL was able to secure the remaining 50k I needed to complete my build out. Thank you again.

-- Alisha Doherty, Texas

Thank you again for putting together my equpment lease. I anticipate on utilizing your services again to gather the capital I will need to expand down the road.

-- Rob Berman, dealer